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About X-Terra Commercial Cleaning LTD
Red Deer Cleaning Services

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Since 2002, X-terra Commercial Cleaning has been an industry leader in office cleaning and commercial cleaning. Here are just a few points that make us stand out above the rest.


Our business activities are governed by a set of core values that focus on Quality Cleaning, Excelled Customer Satisfaction and Pride in our People.
Quality is a way of life for X-Terra Commercial Cleaning. We define quality of service according to the expectations of our customers, and this means that X-terra Commercial Cleaning sets the highest standards in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction is our business. We don't simply meet our customer's expectations, we exceed them. X-terra Commercial Cleaning can only grow if our customers are completely satisfied. By continually improving our methods and services, X-terra Commercial Cleaning is poised to achieve a position of leadership in the industry.
People are our greatest asset. X-terra Commercial Cleaning's, management and staff are dedicated to delivering superior services and this commitment has proven to be our edge over the competition.

Communication with Clients

X-terra Commercial Cleaning is more than just a cleaning company - we are customer service specialists. Through effective communication with our clients, we ensure that all service needs are met and every building is shown in its best light. If you have any special requirements, we will design a customized cleaning program for you. Most of all, we are flexible - we do our very best to accommodate your changing schedule, budget and needs.

Employee Management

X-terra Commercial Cleaning carefully recruits staff for their trustworthiness, reliability, dedication and attention to detail. We provide our team with innovative and technical training programs that guarantee consistently high quality service for our customers.
X-terra Commercial Cleaning is fully insured and Bonded. We also implement safety programs that are designed to prevent accidents and protect your property. Contact us for a cleaning quotation.


Since 2002, we've prided ourselves on providing top notch cleaning services to hundreds of companies, like yours. And, just like you, we're very particular about who enters your work environment. So, we recruit our professional cleaners for their trustworthiness, reliability, dedication and attention to detail. After all, our reputation is always on the line. Our cleaners are professionals who take pride in their work. They take the time to thoroughly understand your needs. If something is important to you, it's important to Us. Through our innovative and intensive technical training programs our cleaning staff is motivated to provide consistent and committed service. We're fully insured, bonded and we implement safety programs designed to prevent accidents and protect your property.


Thank you for visiting X-Terra Commercial Cleaning LTD, your professional Red Deer cleaning services. Please visit us again at or if you are looking for reliable Red Deer cleaning services.